We need to talk about that final boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Lands

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Kirby’s terrifying bosses

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 had a moment where, again, you beat King Dedede and this time a being called Dark Matter oozes out of King Dedede’s body causing you to fight it in the sky. First it looks like a caped sword’s man, then a demonic eyeball.

Kirby’s Super Star had you up against Marx. A character who looks like a cute Kirby clone in a clown hat until the wings pop out it’s back, it’s expression turns completely empty, and it starts vomiting all sort of attacks at you.

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 faces you off against Zero, a massive, swollen white eyeball that attacks you by ripping itself open and dripping blood at you.

Kirby’s Nintendo 64 game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards faced you off again 0². 0² was an angelic winged eyeball (what is it with these games and eyes) that cries blood.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror set you again Dark Mind who starts off as a wizard who kind of looks like Nightmare before revealing his true form. Yup. And eyeball. Only this time it’s a really veiny one covered in fire.

Thought Kirby Canvas Course was safe? It feels like that until you beat Drawcia and then have to battle her soul which is a round inky being with tendrils stretching across its open mouth. Who fires missiles at you that, when they near, peel back like a banana revealing an eyeball.

Kirby’s Squeak Squad feels like you just have to battle cute mice thieves until Dark Nebula reveals itself. Dark Nebula, of course, being an inky black star shape with a massive eyeball in the middle.

In Kirby’s Super Star Ultra, Marx returns as Marx Soul with a new move in which he literally rips his body in half, wet tendrils connecting the two parts, as a black hole forms in the center.

What about Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii? That game was super cute. Even the final boss. Nothing weird there.

But then Kirby Mass Attack gets right back into the swing of things with a final boss named Necrodeus, who is a floating dark blob with a horned, fanged skull for a head, a bunch of Kirby sized skulls around it’s neck and two floating, detached clawed hands.

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In Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, Magolor’s final form is him as a black smiley orb with a demonic horned crown and two clawed hands. Wait, what’s that in his mouth? Oh, yeah, he’s actually an eyeball. Cool cool.

Kirby and the Rainbow Course has you go up against Dark Crafter who combines two of the worst things ever. Clowns and clay animation. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s an eyeball in its mouth.

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Kirby: Planet Robobot (my personal favorite Kirby game) tasks you with fighting an entire damn planet named Star Dream that slowly peels away to reveal a cute but terrifying face underneath the planet’s surface that somehow can scream without opening its mouth and I hate it.

And the woefully underrated Kirby Star Allies has a final boss called Void Termina which starts off as a massive giant with an expressionless mask and when you defeat it, its head comes off and you have to fly inside its body and fight an evil Kirby like being that, of course, is also an eyeball. The whole time you are WELL aware you’re inside a body as everything is just muscle strands and veins.

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But none of these bosses hold a candle to the absolute nightmare fuel that Kirby and the Forgotten Land throws at you. Join us on the next page as we REALLY get into the most recent final boss and maybe try and figure out who hurt HAL Laboratory.