Elden Ring: How to unlock all six endings that we know of so far

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Age of Despair

The Roundtable Hold is going to be where you will find the Dung Eater. The goal here is to get the Mending Rune of Fell Curse from the Dung Eater. Just like the name of the Mending Rune implies, this ending is not going to be the prettiest and there is a lot of curses involved in this ending and trying to get to this ending.

Getting the Mending Rune of Fell Curse doesn’t come as too hard of a task to complete. In order to receive the Mending Rune from Dung Eater, you need to give him five Seedbed curse items. These aren’t necessarily the easiest of items to find.

You can acquire a Seedbed curse item from Leyndell, Volcano Manor, or Miquella’s Haligtree. After you show Dung Eater the Seedbed curse item, he will give you a key to his cell in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds below Leyndell.

When you go to his cell below Leyndell, you will find a human form of Dung Eater that you can let out of his cell. After you let human Dung Eater out of his cell, you can return to Roundtable Hold where you can fight and defeat Dung Eater.

Once he is defeated you need to find four more Seedbed curse items and return them to the human Dung Eater. Once he has all five Seedbed curse items, he will grant you with the Mending Rune of Fell Curse. Use this Rune at the end of Elden Ring and the ending you will be greeted with will not be a great one, but rather one that is filled with nothing but a curse.