Pokemon Legends Arceus: Battling the Security Corps’ Secret Weapon guide

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Battling the Security Corps’ Secret Weapon is one of the many new quests that, as foretold by the recent Pokemon Direct, came with the new Pokemon Legends Arceus update entitled “Daybreak”.

This one is a remarkably quick mission that, I will fully admit, is a complete letdown. I went to Zisu to try and get one of my Pokemon to learn a new move (gotta get that Fairy-type attack if I wanna get an alpha Slyveon right?) and when I talked to her she started giving me a mission!

She tells you that the town actually has a secret weapon. A person protecting them from outsiders!

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I got really hyped here as I felt this would have been a great chance for them to introduce a new character. Maybe another person in town was like Beni and was secretly waiting to kick my ass this whole time. Like the Clothier.

So she has you follow her and…guess what.

Secret-Weapon-Ress /

Yup. Ress. That dude in the default male NPC skin whose main purpose is to take you to the map screen. Cool.

So you have to face off against him and his team that’s been keeping the town protected. And let me tell you. If you were disappointed in it being Ress, get ready to just be disappointed IN Ress.

While his team is made of three level 62 Pokemon, those three are Bidoof, Starly, Shinx. Yup. The first three Pokemon you had to obtain. Let’s just say, I felt really bad when I realized who was the first in MY party to head out into battle. Sorry gang.

Like, I felt really bad putting his scrub team against my Arceus. Poor things.

Afterward you’re left with a Ress that feels sort of bummed he couldn’t stop you but then he remembers he’s been…mostly…doing a pretty good job. After that, you get three Grit Rocks and everyone goes on with their lives as if nothing ever happened and the god of all Pokemon didn’t just embarrass the person in charge of securing the village.