Genshin Impact: Best characters for Oathsworn Eye

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Oathsworn Eye is a new four-star Catalyst for Genshin Impact 2.5. It and its Refinement Materials will be rewards for completing a limited event, so it’s absolutely free for all players who participate. It’s free, but is it any good? Let’s take a look at the best user for Oathsworn Eye.

Genshin Impact: Best characters for Oathsworn Eye

Unlike the last event weapon that was made for (and only really usable on) Albedo, Oathsworn Eye is shaping up to be a more versatile piece for all Catalyst users. According to miHoYo, these are the stats for the weapon at Lv. 90 and Refinement 1:

Oathsworn Eye

  • Base Attack: 565
  • 27.6% Attack

Its passive effect increases Energy Recharge by 24% for 10 seconds after using an Elemental Skill.

On paper, it doesn’t seem that strong. A 27.6% Attack boost is only half of other Catalysts like Eye of Perception. The key here is the massive Energy Recharge buff that helps maintain Elemental Burst uptime.

That 24% Energy Recharge is only at Refinement 1. Since this is an event weapon, you can max out the Refinement on Oathsworn Eye for participating in the event. Maxed out, Oathsworn Eye boosts Energy Recharge by 48%.

It also synergizes well with the Emblem of Severed Fate Artifact set. With a four-piece set of Emblem, you’ll have at least 168% Energy Recharge after using an Elemental Skill which will then be converted into a 42% Elemental Burst damage bonus.

Mona is the star of the show here, as she also gains Energy Recharge as she Ascends. The Burst damage bonus from Oathsworn Eye and a four-piece Emblem set gives her already high-scaling Elemental Burst even more damage.

Oathsworn Eye looks like it was designed with Kokomi’s aesthetics in mind, and will be good on hybrid healer/damage builds. That Attack% sub-stat is awkward for other Support characters like Barbara and Sucrose, but the bonus Energy Recharge can make up for suboptimal Artifacts.

It’s a good free-to-play option for the new Yae Miko and other DPS Catalyst characters who want their Bursts on often like Ningguang, Klee and Yanfei.

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This isn’t a game breaking weapon by any means, nor is it the best weapon for any character. It’s strength is that it’s fine for most characters and that it’s a strong option that’s completely free.