Genshin Impact 2.4: Should you wish for Zhongli or Ganyu?

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Ganyu has the highest damage scaling in the game. The more you invest in Ganyu, the better she becomes. She is a Cryo Bow user that takes on a “sniper” role, using her second level Charged Shot to deal consistent levels of massive damage. Ganyu essentially turns the game into a third-person shooter.

Charging an arrow to its second level causes the shot to bloom and deal damage in an area around the point of impact. That bloom also scales from her Charged Attack Talent. It’s great for single-target damage, crowd control and even for Bosses.

There are several Artifact sets that are strong on her, even if you mix and match two-piece bonuses. The choice of Set isn’t as important. Instead, you’ll want to be ready to grind for optimal sub-stats for your Artifacts. Because of this, Ganyu is more difficult for newer players in low Adventure Ranks to use as they can’t grind for five-star Artifacts efficiently.

She works best with Pyro and Hydro supports in conjunction with another Anemo character to Swirl those support elements. Pyro supports like Thoma and Bennett enable her to “reverse-melt” for massive damage, but only if you can cause repeat Pyro applications by Anemo infusion.

Hydro characters like Mona and Xingqiu allow Ganyu to permanently freeze enemies with her fast and powerful Cryo Bloom Arrows. Perma-freeze is easier to pull off, as Hydro supports are generally less reliant on Anemo units to Swirl for repeat applications.

Spacing is another issue with Ganyu, as you’ll need to be close enough to hit your enemies in groups to maximize damage while avoiding being hit. Taking a hit while charging a shot will cause you to lose your charge. You can mitigate this with Venti to group enemies or with a Shield character like Albedo or Zhongli to keep your focus on charging arrows.

Ganyu is also significantly easier to use on mobile and PC, as aiming with a mouse or touchpad is ideal compared to a controller. That is, unless you’re a seasoned shooter player on console. If you’re not used to aiming with a controller, it can be hard to hit all of Ganyu’s shots. Missed arrows reduce your DPS significantly.

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If you have trouble against Bosses, Ganyu is a great choice against them if you master her movements. Bosses have large hitboxes and predictable actions, letting you make the most of Ganyu’s Charged Shots and Elemental Burst. Personally, she’s my go-to for the Weekly Bosses Azhdaha, La Signora and Childe.

She’s particularly strong against Hydro Abyss Heralds and the Oceanid, a notoriously difficult Boss. Ganyu also makes otherwise difficult Daily Commissions like Dangerous Haul and Increasing Danger trivially easy.

Who to choose

Overall, Zhongli is better for most accounts due to his versatility. Ganyu on the other hand helps you deal with more difficult enemies and encounters, especially towards the later stages of the game.

Go for Zhongli if you need Shields and more support characters, especially if you play on mobile.

Go for Ganyu if you need more damage to take on stronger enemies and Bosses.