Halo Infinite’s progression system gets a huge buff

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John Junyszek, Halo Infinite’s Community Manager at 343 Industries, announced in a series of tweets late last night that the multiplayer progression system will be getting a huge, and very much appreciated, buff. The changes will take effect today, Nov. 30.

This buff will apply to the daily progression system, mainly affecting the first six games you play each day. Here are the changes to XP after completing a game:

  • 1st game – 300 XP
  • 2nd game – 200 XP
  • 3rd game – 200 XP
  • 4th game – 100 XP
  • 5th game – 100 XP
  • 6th game – 100 XP
  • 7th+ games – 50 XP

Thus, if we add this all together, you can earn 1,000 XP by just playing and completing six games of multiplayer. Previously, players would only receive a consistent 50 XP for completing a game, and it would take 20 games of multiplayer to reach the same 1,000 XP. This is a huge difference, but I am sure nearly everyone will appreciate it.

It is important to realize, however, that after you complete your first six games of the day, all of the next games you play will go back to being 50 XP per completion. While only receiving 50 XP per game is not a lot, the increased XP in the previous six games makes up for it.

These changes are a great thing. It was very frustrating to play 10+ minute games and only be rewarded with a measly 50 XP, so I am excited to receive a lot more. In the future, I think it would be beneficial to introduce more challenges to the game, such as more kills with specific weapon challenges, or, even though it may get annoying, kills with grenades.

Furthermore, these changes are a good sign for the future of Halo Infinite. On Nov. 28, Jerry Hook, the Head of Design at 343 Industries, tweeted that changes to progression would be at the “top of [his] list” heading into this week. I am happy to see that the changes are being implemented just two days later because it shows how diligently the developers are working to improve the game.

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Halo Infinite was a great deal of fun even when the XP progression system was excruciatingly slow. Now that it is improved, completing a game will be even more rewarding. Let’s hope the developers continue these quick responses and changes throughout the game’s life cycle.