Marvel Future Revolution: A million realities and a billion plot holes

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Marvel Future Revolution
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So now that we got the story underweight, how is the gameplay? Not bad, but mostly because you’re already familiar with the controls if you ever played a mobile game. Stop me if you heard this one, but Marvel Future Revolution has you slide your left thumb around on the left corner of the screen to move. To attack, you hit one of the buttons on the right and then wait for it to recharge. Your character auto aims so if you beat an enemy and the next closest one is behind you, your character will turn around immediately.

You also have a jump button as well as a dodge button that come in handy as some larger enemies will telegraph their attacks with a massive glowing red area of warning. Some characters like Iron Man, Storm and Captain Marvel can fly. They still have the same attacks, so this just makes them walk slightly faster; but, the effects look cool. Spider-Man has the ability to web swing which is a lot less useful as the stages and areas are very compact. If you stop swinging you just drop like a stone. Strangest of all is Black Widow who can fire her repel line and use it to fling herself up in the air and then land about six feet from where she started from. I’ve played for hours as Black Widow as my main and I still haven’t figured out a use for it as there is absolutely no platforming type of stuff happening in this game.

As for the fighting itself, as I said, the controls are really solid — mostly because of the autoaim. In fact, if you hit a button near your chat, you’ll autoplay. Your character will literally run through the game, accept quests, fight enemies and collect items for you.

When talking to other high-level players, I asked them what the best way is to level up. They all told me that they’d just leave the game running off the side while they watched a show. Occasionally they’d notice nothing was happening on the screen and they’d tap whatever they needed to to get the game moving again. Long story short, every high-level player I talked to has not played the game.

I guess that’s not the worst thing but when you have a Marvel game that plays like a previous game only with eight characters instead of the 237 in Marvel Future Fight, it really makes me question a lot of things. If you missed Marvel Future Fight is was a game I really enjoyed in which an event happened that caused realities to merge and suddenly everyone was fighting. It was like this game but had more obscure, and arguably cooler characters in it like Moon Girl, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales. You know, the fun ones.

Again, not saying Future Revolution is bad, I’m just saying I wonder why there isn’t more. It almost feels like a step back despite being a lot prettier. Speaking of how it looks, let’s get into that.