Nintendo Direct E3 2021: A recap of every major announcement

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Just finished watching the Nintendo Direct and I am hyped. But before we get into it, let’s get this out there — there was no mention of a new Nintendo Switch because, as I mentioned, they’d be insane to do that during a chip shortage with Sony and Microsoft hogging all the available stuff already. It would be a nightmare.

But let’s not talk about what they didn’t talk about, let’s talk about what they did announce because it is a lot. I’m going to skip over some stuff in detail but here’s a run down of some announcements they made that I’m not dwelling on:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Worms Rumble
  • Two Point Campus
  • Just Dance 2022
  • Dragon Ball Z – Kakarot
  • Doom Eternals – Gods Ascending DLC
  • Tony Hawk Remaster 1+2
  • Strange Brigade
  • Life is Strange and Life is Strange True Colors

These are all titles they talked about but have already been talked about at other E3s or are just ports of older games. That ain’t why you’re here so let’s get into the big stuff.

Kazuya Comes to Smash

Yup, the newest Smash Bros character has been announced and rejoice because he does not come baring a sword. The newest, in Smash Bros’ trend to adopt stray boys from other fighting games, is Kazuya from the Tekken series.

The character comes in a variety of outfits from shirtless and scared to 90’s edgelord to business overly casual and has a ridiculous array of moves including a 10-hit combo. It looks like, just like with the Street Fighter and Fatal Fury gang, you can play this character like they’re from their own game which probably explains how they’re pulling off that ridiculous amount of moves they revealed.

The trailer was also an absolute delight, showcasing Kazuya dropping famous Smash Bros characters off a cliff and, finding confusion in Kirby’s decent rate.

More is going to be revealed on this character on the 28th so get prepared to curse that damned Devil Beam.

Super Monkey Ball – Banana Mania

Prepare to have a ball/go bananas when the Super Monkey Ball – Banana Mania collection comes out October 5th. This remastered collection rebuilds stages and minigames from previous games, including the Game Boy Advance additions and brings them into one large playable collection.

I didn’t have a huge reaction to this at first but then I heard the squees from my children who were watching over my shoulder and I realized that I’m going to end up with this thing in my home. It honestly looks fun and the variety of game play will hopefully keep things fresh.