League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.3 adds four new champions

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League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.3 is on the way and Riot Games has offered a preview of what the next update will bring. New champions, gameplay updates, a “close friends” feature and ranked play improvements are all coming in the update, but this particular post focuses on the four new champions set to arrive in patch 2.3.

New Champions

There are four new champions coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift, and they’ll be arriving at different times throughout the patch cycle. It sounds like Riven and Irelia will be added first, and quite possibly at the same time as there is an in-game event tied to both champions.

As is the case with most champions ported over from League of Legends PC, the developers of Wild Rift try and keep them as close to their original form as possible. While Riven looks to be almost an exact copy, Irelia has undergone a few changes to make her more suitable for mobile play.


Riven has been in League of Legends PC since 2011. Her design was inspired by fighting game characters, with her abilities able to be strung together like combos. Riven looks like a pretty straight forward port and a champion that could thrive in the mobile space.


Irelia is another in-you-face champion, similar to Riven’s aggressiveness but in a different way. The blade dancer darts from target to target, using her blades to stun, slow and defend in Baron or Mid lane.

Riot has had to make some adjustments to Irelia’s abilities for her to work in Wild Rift as they noticed “dashing to multiple low health mionions with precision was not easy to do.” Aiming with Blade Surge will now automatically prioritize marked or low health targets and tapping will continue to prioritize champions.

Broken Blades Event

In celebration of their arrival, Wild Rift will be kicking off its Broken Blades Event. You’ll have to pick either Riven or Irelia and complete missions tied to your chosen champion. Not only can you earn either Irelia or Riven for free, you can also earn unique rewards for them as well.

Lucian and Senna

Lucian and Senna will be arriving later in patch 2.3. Lucian is a marksman while Senna was designed to be both support and marksman (depending on how you played her). In Wild Rift, they are a formidable pair in the duo lanewith their abilities complimenting each other. Lucian’s quickfire attacks are complemented by Senna’s slow, but powerful shots.

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Patch 2.3 release

League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.3 is slated to arrive on Wednesday, June 2. It’s unclear if Riven and Irelia will be added to the game at the patch launch or if we’ll have to wait a little bit. We do know that Lucian and Senna will be arriving later in the patch cycel.