Battle of the Looter Shooters in 2021: Which one is for you?

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Customization (Builds) – Borderlands 3

Borderlands has a unique class mod system that really gears each respective Vault Hunter to have a different style of play. With the ever changing meta of the game, nearly every build is endgame viable. No one really specs their characters the same exact way as others, and that adds to the build diversity. The game is truly at the best it has ever been in terms of balance. While there are Vault Hunters who are definitely stronger than others in terms of viability, the bottom ones are still very much viable in the hardest bits of content.

2. Warframe

The builds in Warframe are very straightforward, but have their variations. Unlike the other games it’s being compared to, Warframe has this whole mod system which at first glance can be the most overwhelming thing in any game. What this modding system does mostly right is the fact that you can put what you want into a weapon, Warframe, and companion. You can build towards the strengths of your equipment, like building a tank build on one frame for survivability. Another, you can focus more on casting and ability efficiency. Now with the Helminth system, build diversity has expanded even further. But for completion’s sake, that does mean you have to farm a frame twice unless you have the Prime version of it.

3. Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you have three classes to choose from: The Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. You then spec into a certain subclass that each has three of. Then depending on the abilities you choose from your subclass for your Guardian, you mainly focus on the synergies with legendary gear and mods that you put into your equipment slots. While there is variety and more mixing and matching the gear you have on, it isn’t as free and is just more straightforward and adapting a certain play style.

4. Outriders

The way the late game is set, the build diversity becomes very limited. There are builds out there for support, crowd control, or survivability, but the name of the endgame is overwhelmingly in favor of DPS. As they say, “the best defense is a good offense”. It rings true because when you take on the later activities like expeditions, performance is based on completion time. The best way to complete missions fast is to have a build that can dish out tons of damage, clearing mobs and bosses faster.