PS5: How to access EA Play on PlayStation 5

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EA Play (formerly known as EA Access on consoles) arrived on PlayStation 4 in July 2019. The subscription service provides members with access to a library of EA-published games, early access to new releases and discounts.

On PlayStation 4, accessing EA Play was as simple as navigating to the EA Play Hub. But on PlayStation 5, there is no hub.

Is EA Play on PlayStation 5?

EA Play is supported on PlayStation5 but as the publisher notes, there’s no EA Play Hub app available. So downloading a game or trial is a little more convoluted. As the EA Play help page explains:

"To download a game or early trial, search for the one you want to play in the PlayStation Store from your PlayStation 5 and download it from there."

I don’t know why there’s no specific hub on the PS5 but hopefully, we get one soon. Remember, not every EA-published game is part of EA Play. Making players navigate to every individual game to see if it’s even part of the library isn’t exactly the best user experience.

Additionally, not every EA Play game is even playable on PlayStation 5. While you can view the games available on PS4 here, I can’t find a full list of PS5-supported games. Although many PS4 games from EA are forward-compatible with the PlayStation 5, it’d still be nice to have a dedicated hub or list.

In any case, you can rest easy knowing EA Play is supported on PS5. We just don’t have a dedicated app yet. Unfortunately, there’s no word on if or when an EA Play hub will be added.

EA just recently announced new additions to EA Play coming in the next few weeks. Madden NFL 21 is slated to arrive on March 2, while Star Wars: Squadrons will be available sometime during the month. In April, EA Sports NHL 21 will be available as well. So maybe mark these games on your PS5 to keep tabs on when they’ll be free through EA Play.