Four Reasons Immortals Fenyx Rising is better than Breath of the Wild

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Uh-oh, you hear those sirens? There’s a hot take coming through. This might be hard to hear but I genuinely think the game Immortals Fenyx Rising is far and away better than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don’t worry. I came with evidence so I’m not just going to fill a bottle with my opinion, light it on fire and throw it. There are rhymes to my reason.

Before I get into it, I need you all to understand something. I’m a Nintendo fan. A big Nintendo fan. I mean, I literally have over 70 Amiibos on an Ikea picture shelf across the entirety of my living room wall near the ceiling.

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My Switch has its own compartment in my work bag so that nothing interferes with it. I love everything about Nintendo from its famous characters like Stout Plumbing Lad to Pink Vacuum Ball. They are amazing. So when I say that something is better than, arguable, the best Legend of Zelda game, I want you to know I had to come to terms with it myself. But listen, it is and I’m sorry.

As for Immortals, if you’re not familiar with it, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game made by Ubisoft that was released last December for so many systems it made me remember that Amazon Luna was a real thing.

The game follows your custom character named Fenyx as they shipwreck on a mysterious island. Minutes into the journey, Fenyx finds themselves having to save the Greek gods such as Athena and Hermes.

The story is told through a narrative format where Zeus is having your story told to him by Prometheus as he explains what your character has done to combat the titan who has stripped the gods of their powers.

Despite the heavy nature of the story, the game is genuinely funny. The game makes zero attempts to make them speak like people of the period and instead are just some hilarious comments about how silly the Greek mythology was and how oddly disgusting some of the tales were. Zeus finding out that Aphrodite was not formed from a beautiful pearl landing in the sea but instead from when Uranus had his genitals cut off by his father and thrown into the ocean is a particular highlight. While staying VERY accurate to the mythology, they also shine a light on its incredibly bizarre nature.

The reason for the comparison to Breath of the Wild is because this game very much plays like it. It’s four main kingdoms surrounding a place you can approach at almost any time. Everything is climbable with a stamina meter and you can glide around and tackle situations in any clever way you see fit. If you squint at Immortals gameplay I wouldn’t blame you for mixing up your games.

So here are four reasons why Immortals does it better.