Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Copper and Booker

Copper and Booker have been a mainstay in the Animal Crossing games. Whether they’re a major part of the game like guarding the gates to let people in and out of your town, or playing a minor role where one of them is running the town Lost & Found, these two good boys have loyally protected the towns of many a villager.

Copper is the strict, by the book officer of justice and Booker is a shy, lax dog of the people. Both of them are charming and adorable characters that made it feel like there was some sort of structure in place to the seemingly endless chaos of the Animal Crossing world.

Copper and Booker’s roles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bring back the police station, ran by Copper and Booker. Get a job as a deputy officer which plays like a mini-game. Much like when you start terraforming and you get a hard hat, switching into deputy mode gets you an officer’s hat.

Booker will have a thing for you to do where you take things from the lost and found and find the original owners. You can also fulfill requests from him that have you looking for lost items for people.

Cooper will have a different game. He’ll have you patrol. While you have the hat on, you look for trouble. Maybe one of your townsfolk locked themselves out of their house. Maybe two of your townsfolk are having an argument and need someone to calm it. Maybe a villager left trash on the beach and you need to figure out who’s been leaving trash and ask them to stop.

There’s a surprising amount of possibility to be had with these two despite the fact that they aren’t the people who TRULY lay down the lay in the Animal Crossing world. Which brings me to my final entry.