Pokemon GO Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Trainers

Photo: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire artwork.. Audino .. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire artwork.. Audino .. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company International /

Pokemon GO celebrates the romantic February holiday with a special celebration of exclusive Pokemon for trainers to search over an exciting weekend!

Pokemon celebrations continue to happen all month long leading up to Pokemon Day on Feb. 27, however, we fall into one of the most celebrated holidays by couples. Pokemon thought it would be sweet on their players this year and give them one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. From Feb. 14 through Feb. 17, exclusive events will take place for trainers to take advantage of on Pokemon GO.

Due to Valentine’s Day being celebrated with pink colors, Pokemon that are pink colored will be more available throughout the weekend. Spawning of pink Pokemon will appear to trainers from Jigglypuff to Luvdisc; who was the exclusive Pokemon being celebrated last year. Seven-kilometer eggs will feature more pink baby Pokemon, which include Cleffa, Tyrogue, and Happiny. There will also be exclusive raids with Lickitung, Chansey, and Porygon to be available. If trainers are lucky, they could run into a shiny form of those Pokemon after defeating them in battle!

With more Pokemon from the Unova region being leaked periodically, the reveal of even more pink Pokemon will be available over the weekend. Audino, the hearing Pokemon, and Alomomola, the caring Pokemon will be making their Pokemon GO debut over Valentine’s Day weekend! Trainers will be searching for these new Pokemon to add to their collection and to add more pages to their Pokedex for Unova Pokemon. These rare Pokemon will not be around for long, so if you and your date are looking for them, make sure to catch several to trade with your friends and other trainers!

The fun does not stop there for the fun over the weekend! Lure models for Poke Stops will last up to six hours and trainers will receive two-times the amount for Pokemon for every catch! Special research will also be available to give out more incentive for trainers, including giving out lucky eggs and raid passes.

Valentine’s Day will also be special for trainers to decorate their avatar with new clothing and accessories for the promotion. Trainers will have the opportunity to purchase special pink clothing in the shop in Pokemon GO so that they can look as cute as their Pokemon. Cute Pokemon has always been a signature of normal and fairy type Pokemon experts, trainers in Pokemon GO will be more than happy to finally show off these styles in the app.

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This event is the perfect date idea for any trainers that are truly passionate about Pokemon and their relationship. This is truly a progressive event than they shared the year before for Valentine’s Day. Introducing two new rare Pokemon for players of Pokemon GO to take advantage of will keep couples engaged all weekend long. This will not be the last event celebrated this month as the capitalizing day for Pokemon Day will close the month out with even bigger surprises!