Tennocon 2019: Looking back to predict the big reveals for Warframe

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Taking a look back into past Tennocons and speculating what will and may come next in Warframe.

With Tennocon 2019 only being days away, many fans (myself included) are definitely wondering what the future will hold in terms of content for Warframe. Will we be getting new locales? New weapons? New warframes? Better endgame content? More quests?

I would boldly answer “ye”s to all of them, given that each big title update comes with an expanded arsenal, a frame or two and new modes or features. As for the locales and endgame content, we have been given codenames, sneak peeks and accidental leaks from the Warframe team themselves via Devstreams and console builds.

In 2016’s Tennocon, we were shown Nekros Prime and his weapons, the Titania warframe, a deluxe skin for the Nova warframe and a teaser trailer for The War Within (a mainline quest). Tennocon wasn’t too big of a deal at the time, but as the quality of the content became better and the fandom was reaching all-new highs, the events and reveals became much greater.

Following the success of the 2016 Tennocon, in 2017 we were shown a lengthy gameplay demo of Warframe’s first open-world set in Earth— the Plains of Eidolon. It was packed with a social hub world, merchants and vendors, a plethora of new weapons to craft while mixing and matching different parts, fishing, a day-and-night cycle in the Plains and much more.

The folks at Digital Extremes meant business and they took the game in a bold new direction that worked in their favor. They once again also added a teaser trailer for the next big quest at the time— The Sacrifice.

With an influx of new players and overall growing popularity, in Tennocon 2018, they went all out for their fans. They revealed a Nintendo Switch port of the game, a plethora of new warframe deluxe skins, a second free-roam area on Venus named Fortuna, K-drives(hoverboards), two new warframes, interesting new weapons and customizable ‘kit-guns’, and so much more.

We even got a teaser to one of the most ambitious ongoing projects yet, ‘Empyrean’ (earlier dubbed Railjack). Of course, there was yet another teaser for another upcoming quest to expand the lore titled The New War.

Warframe’s concurrent Twitch viewership was at such an extreme high that they were at the number one spot for several hours.

Now with Tennocon 2019 on the horizon, what will there be to come? For those who follow the Devstreams, we know at least the names and have seen some kind of concept art of what is to come before the year ends. In Devstream #122, Warframe creative director Steve Sinclar created a rough roadmap on what is to come within the year of 2019.

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes /

According to this roadmap, we have seen two of the three frames so far (Hildryn and Wisp). The Deck-12 exploiter was added in the second phase of Fortuna as a boss and all consoles, including PC, received the Wolf of Saturn Six update all at once. The game also recently received the Gas City remaster update, so the roadmap seems to be going as planned for now.

We still haven’t received the New War or Empyrean despite being shown last year. Though they seemed to be far along in development; parts were remade or scrapped. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date for these expansions, given that there will be a third open-world coming to the game. Titled ‘Planes of Duviri’, we know that a new faction will be occupying that world; hopefully, it’ll be sentient enemies.

The other half of his roadmap mostly consisted of reworks; but, welcomed ones as we have already seen. If there’s anything I know about how the dev team is at Digital Extremes, they’ll definitely have something new up their sleeves to really wow the audiences and maybe even break last year’s records.

Third warframe showcased in a devbuild. PC: Digital Extremes
Third warframe showcased in a devbuild. PC: Digital Extremes /

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Here’s to hoping. If they announce some sort of cross-platform or cross-save feature, that could be even better than showing some new expansive, highly interactive world or new and exciting quests and gameplay. That way, I wouldn’t have to start over from scratch and it would be easier for me to get my friends on other consoles to be a part of these 26 million registered ‘users’. 

If they appeal to both casual and veteran players with mostly fulfilled promises, the game will flourish more than ever. While I do not anticipate that this Tennocon will be as huge as last year, this will be the one to bring in a new chunk of players along with having better retention for the seasoned veterans. Maybe all of the above will happen and expectations will be fulfilled tenfold.

For more information on Tennocon 2019, visit this link right here. Digital Extremes are also incentivizing people who watch the TennoLive streams on Twitch or Mixer with free in-game items and a Nekros Prime warframe. If you missed out on getting the frame or if you are a new player, this might the best time to jump into the game.