Roller Champions: A PvP style roller derby game, demo available on Uplay


Roller Champions is a fast-paced, rollerblading game releasing from Ubisoft, and is available now for free as a demo.

Roller Champions was announced during Ubisoft’s E3 conference on Monday and is available for free on Uplay on PC until June 14. The game features a unique blend of racing, football, and soccer, as the goal is to throw a ball into an opponent’s portal to score.

You can play defense by performing hard-hitting tackles, including some in mid-air. Your opponent will then fumble the ball and allow you to take it and go for the score. The game will allow you to go from playing in the streets of a city to going pro. This will give the game a story element to it.

Along the way, you can customize your character with different apparel and equipment in Roller Champions. Some of the gear includes helmets and jerseys, as well as shoulder pads and gloves, all with unique color schemes. There is no word on if players will be able to customize their own, distinctive character or if you choose from a selection of stars.

From the looks of the trailer, you select one of the players that are there. If this the case, then it’s possible that each one has their own storyline and background in Roller Champions. This may also coincide with the customization features, as they may also have their own exclusive colors.

There is also no confirmations on if there will be more than one stadium. In the trailer, there’s only one main arena available, but it’d be fair to say that there will be more environments announced once the game gets closer to launch.

In the gameplay, it also looks like you can do certain things like celebrating after scoring. This could be another element of customization. Some of the animations shown include performing a backflip and pretending to play guitar. There may be more animations or emotes that may be elaborated on in the future.

Even the way you can score looks stylish, as you can throw the ball while spinning or jumping and avoiding defenders. In the premiere video of Roller Champions, one of the characters is even seen dunking on the goal towards the end.

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Roller Champions doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, and it is not confirmed what consoles it will be on. As mentioned, the demo is available to play on Ubisoft’s Uplay on the PC.