NBA 2K19: This may be the greatest comeback you’ll ever see


NBA 2K19 has its share of incredible moments, thanks to the Takeover meter and pure skill. One player and his team pulled off what may be the greatest upset in NBA 2K history and he shared the tale.

NBA 2K19 has been out as long as you think, and we are already seeing a slew of jaw-dropping, game-changing plays and moments. Arhamur Rahman and his 2K Pro-AM team never thought they would have such epic moments.

Little did they know, that they would pull off what may be the greatest comeback in the history of NBA 2K. Down by 16 (!!) points with just 30 seconds left, Rahman and his squad, “Get Boxed” brought the ball up court casually, and shot a three at the beginning of the clip.

Next, a careless “roll-in” in-bounds pass by the other team, known as “Cook Up” led to an easy steal and another score. 71-61, Cook Up. 21 seconds left.

After that, Get Boxed needed to foul and did. Cook up got made one free throw and now there is less than 20 seconds left.

From there, Rahman dished the rock to his teammate “vEyeShoot,” who had Takeover activated who then proceeded to knock down a three. Even after the first couple of threes, Rahman and his crew just wanted to get the game over with and move on.

"We were just looking forward to the next game. When we got that first 3 and first steak, I personally didn’t think about anything."

Another in-bounds steal led to another Takeover three-pointer for vEyeShoot. Now, things were getting interesting with only 9.3 seconds left.

"The moment I realized we can actually win this thing was when the score 72-67. I thought if we can get another steal, another 3 then foul, then the game can be in our hands. Either way, it did."

Yet another in-bounds interception led to a pass back the human inferno, vEyeShoot who knocked down a massive three to get it to within two. After another near interception, the ball went out of bounds.

It would be Get Boxed’ ball with only 2.6 seconds, down by two.

"When the score was 72-70, my mind was racing. I kept telling my team to foul, hoping that the other team would miss a FT. Next thing you know, my C (center) got the steal."

On in the in-bounds play, Rahman was open for days in the corner like a 24-hour convenient store. Three popped. Perfect release with no defender in sight. Ballgame.

Despite the wide-open look, things could have easily gone the other way, if it weren’t for a couple of huge screens set by two of his teammates. This allowed Rahman to gain separation from the defense, and throw them off.

They had to come up with a plan and quickly. Go for the win with a three-pointer, or settle for a two-pointer and take their chances in overtime. They wanted to end the game on the spot.

"When we got the ball back, I was thinking to just win the game and get these guys out of here. I wanted a 3. Rahman said. Before I was wide open, I told my team to set some offball screens for vEyeShoot but 3 people were on him. So our Lockdown Defender found me open in the corner and it was history."

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  • Prior to the game, Rahman and crew didn’t even play NBA 2K19 for a couple of days, so they had to warm back up again. The crazy thing is, they were going to play more than one game, and this was their first game of the day.

    They were also riding a winning streak of eight in a row before this matchup. So undoubtedly, the pressure was even higher when they realized they had a chance to win.

    The NBA 2K19 comeback clip quickly went viral when Rahman tweeted it out. At the time of this writing, the video has received over 16,000 retweets and over 56,000 likes. The engagement level was also high, with over 1,000 replies.

    The video also received nearly three million views since it was tweeted out. The wild clip is pinned to his Twitter page, and more than likely, it will be there for quite some time. Maybe forever.

    "When I saw the clip was going viral, I couldn’t believe it. Before the clip blew up, one of my friends said, “Make this go viral. Next thing you know, I’m getting likes, retweets, and my DM’s are getting flooded, this is all just crashing my Twitter app."

    Although his Twitter app may be crashing, one thing he and his teammates aren’t crashing is their place in NBA 2K19 history with that comeback. They made it down history road without any dents or scratches on the car.

    The beauty of sports games is that you are given the opportunity to live the amazing moments of real-world athletes and then some. Comebacks like these just send a powerful message as to what can be accomplished in video games in general. Needless to say; it would be extremely difficult to replicate something of this magnitude.

    "Honestly, I don’t think any comeback can top this."

    With so many crazy things that happen in NBA 2K19, It wouldn’t surprise me if a comeback like this was emulated. But, I think we can concur that nothing can “top” Get Boxed’s performance, for now.

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