Hang Line: A snow capped mountain climbing adventure


Hang Line is a game that involves using your mountain climbing skills to save others, and it’s pretty awesome.

Hang Line is a mobile game where you play the role of a mountain climber who is tasked with saving people who are trapped, following a facility explosion. You can choose to play as characters named Jet or Crystal in order to make your daring rescues.

Starting from a helicopter, the game allows you to use your grappling hook to swing from one side of the mountain to the other while trying to avoid falling off. You will hear people cry out for help, which is a way of finding out where each trapped person is located.

As you make your way around the wintery mountains like the superhero you are, you will come across obstacles. In particular, be wary of rocks scattered around the mountain, which can knock you off for a quick death if you aren’t careful.

On many occasions in Hang Line, you will need to utilize the rocks to get around. Essentially, you would have to grapple he rock to knock it out of the way, and then quickly switch and grab onto to the mountain again.

This will then open up a path to your destination if you didn’t fall with the rock you grabbed or got smashed by it. In short, Hang Line will test your finger/thumb awareness on your phone, as you need to be swift in certain situations.

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  • The rewards system is fairly simple. The more people you save, the more coins you will get to spend on stuff. You collect “donations” from each person that you save who thank you for your heroic efforts. There is a cool off period, however, before you can collect more donations from survivors.

    Among the things, you can buy include new helicopters, as well as items that can give you boost during a game. For example; there is a radar tool that can be used for making it easier to discover people to save, as well as loose rewards such as clothing.

    As you can expect, there is more than one mountain to climb, as disasters are happening everywhere, causing more folks to get trapped. If you collect all items and save everyone on each mountain, then you get a 100% completion for your efforts.

    Hang Line, which is developed by Ed Kay (formerly of Epic Games, creators of Fortnite) and published by Yodo1, features some lovely 3D graphics as well. Everything from the visuals to the character movement is well done for a mobile experience.

    The physics of the game may stand out the most, as your character sways back and forth while you try to pinpoint your next grappling location. It’s a smooth-playing game that can be quite addicting while swinging around all over the place.

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    Hang Line is a game that blends solid graphics, smooth animation, a dose of humor and fun gameplay. At the end of the day though, the game has a great, yet simple concept: save everyone, and see what it’s like to be a true hero.