Marvel Strike Force: Best Avengers team to build

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With the Iron Man event wrapped up in Marvel Strike Force, here are some good characters to focus on for an all-Avengers team.

The I Am Iron Man event in Marvel Strike Force has come to an end. If you had the required five S.H.I.E.L.D. characters each at five-stars, then you have Iron Man unlocked by now. To get him higher, you would have needed those S.H.I.E.L.D. characters at both six and seven stars.

With Iron Man now unlocked for many as a five-star (an assuming you rank up his gear Gear Tier to at least Tier 9), the realization of an all-Avengers team can now be a reality for a lot of players. Because let’s be honest with each other — it’s not an Avengers team if Iron Man isn’t involved.

While luck will determine how quickly you obtain shards for a majority of the Avengers characters, there are some you should focus on. There are currently nine heroes in Marvel Strike Force that have the Avenger trait. These heroes are Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Vision, Black Panther and Nick Fury. Unfortunately, only two of these characters have farm-able campaign missions for shards (Cap and Hawkeye).

The five I’ve decided to focus on are Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor. Here are the reasons I’m not focusing on the other Avengers. Hulk is only unlocked through Achievements. I currently have him at five stars, but I don’t think he brings enough utility to a well-rounded team. While he has a decent amount of health, he lacks high damage and desirable abilities.

Nick Fury is left off of this list for an obvious reason. There’s no way to unlock him right now. Meanwhile, Vision can be obtained through Blitz events. While he has some nice debuff abilities and pairs well with Iron Man (and other tech units), I don’t have enough play time with him to experiment with different teams.

Then there’s Black Panther, who can be obtained through Premium Orbs and Blitz events. He packs some really nice damage and offensive buffs. If you don’t have Iron Man unlocked, replace him with Black Panther.

You can find The God of Thunder in Raid Orbs or purchase him five shards at a time in Raid Supplies. It’ll take a while to get him up to a respectable power level, but in my opinion, he is worth it. He’s the source of some really nice AOE damage. His best ability is Lightning Storm, which attacks all enemies, stuns the primary target, and has a chance to stun all of the additional targets.

Next is Hawkeye. I’m a huge fan of the utility he brings to a Marvel Strike Force team. Not only do his basic attacks pack a punch, but he has an ability that does AOE damage while having a chance to blind all enemies. I’ve found the blind to work wonders against enemies like Rocket, Yondu and Gamora. His concussion arrow also clears positive effects and reduces speed from enemies.

Marvel Strike Force Avengers team
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Iron Man, if you’ve unlocked him from the recent event, is up next. He is the definition of a glass cannon. He has high damage and low health, though he does have a good amount of armor. His regular attack has the chance to chain to enemies.

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  • Rocket Barrage does decent unavoidable AOE damage on its own, but if Iron Man is paired with Captain America, they have a cool animation together, and the attack does more damage. However, his big attack comes from Unibeam. If upgraded to level 6, this attack does 540% damage, and you’ll start with it charged 4/6.

    Captain America is someone I consider to be the best tank in the game. Though he doesn’t sport an insane amount of health, he ability to block incoming attacks is god tier. He can taunt enemies while providing ability energy to Avenger allies. His Shield Throw does 280% damage and clears positive effects.

    His passive “Assemble!” is where he’s a must-have on an Avengers team. Cap receives +25% block chance with this passive. But he also gets +5% block amount, +10% max health, and +5% block chance per Avenger ally. That’s huge if you pair him with four other Avengers.

    Finally, Black Widow, while having nowhere to farm her other than premium orbs and S.H.I.E.L.D. orbs, is one of the best characters in the game. In games like this and Galaxy of Heroes, speed kills. And Black Widow is the best at giving speed buffs to her allies. Her main attack, if from stealth, steals enemies’ positive effects.

    She also has an attack that chains to other enemies but stuns the primary target. Her passive “Saboteur” gives her more speed to get more turns in. But her best ability is “Camouflage Tech.” The part that makes her a staple of an all-Avengers team is that it provides a Speed Up buff for two turns to all Avenger allies. Again, speed kills.

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    I don’t normally recommend players spend money on mobile games. However, if you get a good offer for Black Widow shards in the Offers shop, I’d seriously consider jumping on it.