10 Best Pokemon To Live With In Real Life


Credit: 4Kids Entertainment

Let’s face it. Not every Pokemon is cut out for day to day living in the real world. But here are ten of the best Pokemon to have around the house, battles aside.

As much as we’d love to imagine Pokemon in the real world and how awesome it would be, the fact is that the majority of Pokemon would not fit in as residents of Earth in present day. Even the best Pokemon would mostly be too big, too violent, or too on-fire to fit in as a part of our society. I’d love to ride a Dragonite to work as much as the next gal, but where would I park the darn thing? Would it get a speeding ticket?

That said, though, there are a handful of Pokemon that are sizeable enough and exhibit enough self-restraint to serve as passable companions in the real world. A few would even work as useful helpers in our day to day tasks, or would be positive influences on our lives. So setting aside for a moment all the trappings of the Pokemon universe that make such relationships sensible, here are ten Pokemon that could uproot and join us in reality without trouble. These are the best Pokemon to have in real life.

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Really, any of the dog Pokemon (Lillipup, Furfrou) would likely adapt just fine to our lives, since many of us already revel in the joys of doggos and puppers on a daily basis. While Growlithe has the distinction of being a fire pup, its ability to spew flame and tackle its enemies to the ground wouldn’t be quite as dangerous as it would be for those Pokemon with no self-control, or with actual fire constantly attached to them. Growlithe, instead, would likely be loved for their incredible loyalty toward their owners, and would serve faithfully as guard dogs, police dogs, and beloved friends for all ages.

While their fire abilities would need to be kept in check, there’s no reason why you couldn’t ask your Growlithe to start a toasty fire in the fireplace in the wintertime or help warm up cups of delicious cocoa.

Credit: 4Kids Entertainment


Chansey should be an obvious choice for best Pokemon to live with given the role we’ve already seen it performing exceptionally in the Pokemon universe–a nurse. Chansey not only possesses exception healing power, but it’s also a caring and comforting Pokemon with natural instincts toward looking out for the sick, weak, and injured. They are a reasonable size and are only dangerous when those they care for are threatened, but they are also very sturdy. As well as working in hospitals, Chansey would be ideal partners for those working to bring medical aid during war or for humanitarian reasons in dangerous areas.

On a domestic level, Chansey would be perfect companions for children, the elderly, or the homebound. The former would enjoy the companionship while parents could be freed up to work as needed, while the latter could enjoy some measure of independence while being assisted by a loving friend. Chansey may be one of the most best Pokemon and most versatile for real-world living.

Credit: The Pokemon Company


Day to day life is stressful, perhaps especially for those aware of the world at large in 2017. Would it be nice if you had a pleasant Pokemon companion to help calm you down when everything just got too frantic? Sylveon is not only beautiful and pleasant to behold, but its ribbons can wrap around its trainer and soothe their mind. Sylveon only do this on two occasions, according to its Pokedex: for those whom it truly trusts, and those who express violent intent. By calming its enemies, it can prevent itself or its companions from being attacked, making Sylveon useful both as a day-to-day companion and a de-escalator for those who regularly find themselves in heated situations.

Since Sylveon only evolves when it becomes especially close to its trainer, you could befriend a cute, furry Eevee first. It would take a great deal of work, time, and patience, but once a Sylveon had bonded to you, you’d have a constant companion for life (and a lot less stress!).

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It’s spring, the time of the year when I typically think about digging in the garden and planting lots of herbs and flowers. I’m fully of the mind that the work of planting a garden is more than half the fun, but about halfway through the summer when watering gets to be a pain, it’d be nice to have a shortcut or two. Shaymin would be amazing for aspiring gardeners, landscapers, or for revitalizing locations ravaged by natural disasters or pollution. Shaymin can dissolve airborne toxins instantly and heal destroyed land–all it needs is to know that the people around it are grateful for what it does.

As a lover of nature and the environment, I’d have no problem thanking Shaymin again and again for any help it gave to my ailing garden. Could an army of Shaymin eventually help counteract global warming? I’d love to see that–too bad it’s technically a legendary, one-of-a-kind Pokemon!

Credit: The Pokemon Company


A far cry from nature, we have Rotom on our list of best Pokemon to live with. Normally, I’d steer clear of any Ghost-type Pokemon manifesting in the real world, but Rotom can be useful due to its affinity for possessing electrical objects. It possesses lawnmowers, washing machines, fans, fridges, and ovens–meaning this Pokemon would be a huge help with chores! Imagine if a Rotom could mow the lawn for you, or heat your food perfectly without you having to babysit the oven! You’d not only save time, but with the Rotom providing the power for you, you’d also save tons on your electric bill and not have to replace expensive appliances constantly.

The best part? The Rotom would be happy to. It loves to possess electronics. The biggest struggle would be convincing the Rotom not to cause mischief with its possessions, but I presume if the Rotom was well-loved and trained, it might be willing to behave itself for its trainer.

Credit: The Pokemon Company


Do you ever get bad dreams? There’s a Munna for that. The cute little floating poof of a Munna loves to eat dreams, promptly causing the dreamer to forget it ever dreamed them at all. Granted, Munna prefers to eat good dreams, and expels a pretty pink mist when it eats a good dream. But its ability to eat bad dreams is frequently used as a cure for those who suffer from constant bad dreams.

Most of my dreams are neutral at worst, but many people struggle with nightmares every night, occasionally resulting in insomnia as they become conditioned to dread sleep. A Munna could help people get a good night’s sleep every night, resulting in them leading healthier, happier lives during the day.

Plus, they’re just so darn cute! I could snuggle with ten of them to go to sleep at night!

Credit: Game Freak/The Pokemon Company


I’m admittedly indulging just a bit–I don’t imagine Popplio would be useful in any day to day scenario. But Popplio and its evolutions make fabulous performers. They are friendly and humble, and work diligently to improve their performances throughout their lives. Popplio begins as a cute circus performer, but can be trained to evolve and become a gorgeous opera singer as Primarina.

Humans alongside Pokemon singing and performing onstage would truly be a sight to see, and could result in even more forms of interesting expression. Popplio and co. could be just the beginning. What if a Jigglypuff could be trained so as not to put people to sleep with its songs? Or imagine a martial arts exhibition of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, or flying Pokemon joining aircraft in an aerial demonstration? The sky’s the limit for ways that Pokemon could benefit the entertainment world!

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Kicking back and watching entertainment might be fun, but work must be done, too. Machop, Machoke, and Machamp (and just about any fighting or ground-type Pokemon) would be insanely helpful in the construction industry. They could work alongside humans to safely dig, lift, carry, and build structures, improving construction times as well as helping keep their humans safe in a profession that traditionally includes quite a few hazards.

Strong Pokemon such as Machop could be useful in other settings, too. They could lift heavy objects as movers or set-builders for performances. They could act as rescue workers after natural disasters, helping move debris safely. And they could help carry supplies or other loads over difficult terrain. Can you picture a Machop sitting in a seat next to a trucker on a long roadtrip?

Credit: The Pokemon Company


This wouldn’t be a list of best Pokemon to live with if we didn’t discuss their benefits for travel. Of course, those traveling by ocean would want a water-type, but as someone in a landlocked state, I want to go fast on the roads. And what better Pokemon for that function than Gogoat? It’s sturdy enough not to be obtrusive, and doesn’t require the enormous amounts of space that Rapidash would.

I’m also a fan of Gogoat due to its empathy. It can detect the feelings of its trainer by how they hold onto its horns, meaning that your bond with this Pokemon will grow stronger as you ride together. Nevermind just galloping Gogoat to work every day, I’d happily take it out on warm spring days for trots across the countryside, or even into the mountains where it prefers to live. Not only is it practical to have for transport, but family camping trips would be ten times more fun with a Gogoat around to travel with.

Credit: The Pokemon Company


Traveling by ground is all well and good, but you have to have a Pokemon for air travel, too. Altaria is seemingly the perfect flying type Pokemon to have around. It’s a reasonable size, big enough for a human to ride but not so large it takes up your entire house. Altaria has a beautiful voice and a lovely appearance and demeanor, meaning it could easily endear itself to others. Furthermore, it bonds closely with its trainers, and is said to hug those it cares about with its soft, cottony wings while humming.

Air travel would likely be one of the greatest advantages to having Pokemon in real life. Instead of paying for cars, gas, and expensive airlines, we could all just hop on our best Pokemon buddy and take off. We’d save money, and have a cleaner atmosphere as a result. Plus, it’d be insanely fun to fly around on a big, fluffy bird like this.