7 Craziest Cards In Hearthstone Whispers Of The Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods
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Renounce Darkness

Warlock decks can be immensely powerful when used correctly, but more often than not do I see players at lower levels mismanage their Hero Power, doing far too much damage to themselves for little return regarding draws. Renounce Darkness robs them of that ability, replacing it with a potentially more useful one, or not. Plus, all your class cards will be transformed too, including any duplicate of Renounce Darkness you may have, making it impossible to play a second time if you dislike your first roll.

And yet, there’s some merit here. With the cards all costing one less, unless you’re staring down the barrel of a lot of Shaman overload, there’s some lovely random potential if you load a deck full of Warlock cards, and then renounce them. Tons of cheap Mage spells or low-cost healing from a Priest may end up at your disposal, allowing you to push through to victory. But since you’re just as likely to end up with a Paladin deck of exactly 0 Murlocs, and Everyfin is Awesome, this isn’t a card you can rely on for anything more than a good chuckle.

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