The 10 Best Villagers In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing New Leaf
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10 – Drago

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: “burrrn”

Why he’s great: I know Drago is technically classified as an “alligator” in Animal Crossing, but come on, people. A real-life dragon has moved into your neighborhood and is living next door to you. Not only that, but he’s not really a fearsome dragon either. At worst, he’s going to get mildly irritated when you bring him a regular cherry instead of a perfect one. In fact, Drago’s a little sad. His dream job is to be a pilot, which suggests that this poor wingless dragon can’t even fly. He blows bubbles instead of fire. He first appears in your town wearing a T-shirt with a dragon on it, as if wherever he came from required him to emphasize that he was, indeed, a dragon. Poor guy! Drago’s basically hanging out in your town because he didn’t fit in with all his fire-breathing, city-destroying, treasure-hoarding cousins. At least in your village, he can be a dragon and snarf down chocolate and pie!

Drago is laid back and easy to befriend, with a serious love for food and exotic furniture, which is positively the nicest-looking furniture set in the game. Infallibly cheerful in spite of his obvious struggles in life, Drago wants nothing more than to fit in, eat delicious snacks, and sleep a lot. Be nice to the guy. He’s had it hard in life.

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