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Killer Instinct Tusk
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Best Xbox One Games #31 – Killer Instinct

Developers: Double Helix Games, Iron Galaxy Studios (Season 2 and beyond)

Synopsis: For the first time in over a decade, a Rare IP released a new title in a franchise that didn’t drastically piss on the company’s core fans from the past. Killer Instinct launched with the Xbox One in November 2013, bringing a small number of seasoned veterans while introducing some new faces.

The combo system is the real bread and butter of KI, with characters needing to link combinations with specific styles of hits. The chess game begins once opposing players predict light, medium or a heavy hit that they can counter with, setting up a combo breaker and allowing the action to reset. Shadow moves, linkers, Instinct bars and other aspects of the game added depth to the traditional fighting game series.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: The Xbox One marketed its launch on bringing a number of first-party exclusives in the hands of gamers, and Killer Instinct marked an option that players could try out for free. With a roaming free character, Double Helix wanted to get an excellent combo-emphasized fighting game into a wanting community. For many months, it remained the sole fighting game of next-gen consoles, with Microsoft even bankrolling a launch tournament that saw Justin Wong take the game’s first trophy.

Microsoft has been continuing to support their KI community with funding incentives for pool prizes at major tournaments well into the present, showing their support for an excellent fighting game.

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