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Kirby planet robobot
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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #37 Kirby Planet Robobot

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Release Date: May 10th, 2016

Synopsis: Similarly set up to its predecessor, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Kirby Planet Robobot features an outsider menace (this time robots) descending upon Dreamland to spoil Kirby’s pleasant nap in the sun. Kirby traverses through levels sporting his usual copy abilities (over 25, including several new ones) as well as the ability to repurpose a mech suit for his own use. Kirby in the mech can also copy enemy abilities for even more destruction, using the mech’s size and pure power to solve even greater puzzles.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: Kirby Planet Robobot continues in the vein of Triple Deluxe by being a bog-standard Kirby game–even the robot does little to shake up the formula. But for its lack of innovation, it’s a really good standard Kirby game. The puzzles are interesting and appropriately challenging, the copy abilities are fun to manage and are offered so liberally you’re rarely without a hat. The boss fights are cool; the ending is appropriately epic. Most exciting of all is the use of the 3DS’s 3D to render background obstacles and enemies in such a way that the 3D is all but necessary to play the game. Lazers move from back to front, sharks chomp at you from the background, and enormous ice cream cones splatter the screen. It’s a visual delight, and one of Kirby’s best adventure.

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