Only Real Ones Remember These Iconic FIFA Ultimate Team SBC Cards

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Sept. 22 marks a new era for Ultimate Team as EA Sports FC 24 releases in early access. FIFA is gone from the name, but football will carry on with FC 24. It truly feels like a new beginning with EA Sports offering Founder Status to those who log in to FC 24 early on. Ultimate Team remains as well, and players have already begun their new seasons on the Web App. This year introduces women footballers to the game mode for the first time ever, the new Evolutions system allowing players to level up cards throughout the year and more.

As we say goodbye to FIFA and welcome FC, there are some iconic FIFA Ultimate Team cards that fans will always remember.

These are the most iconic FIFA Ultimate Team cards from the previous era. Only the real FUT fans will remember how popular, overpowered and downright frustrating some were to play against.

Only Real Ones Remember These Iconic FIFA Ultimate Team Cards

Ryan Kent – UEFA Europa League Road to the Final – FIFA 20


UEFA RTTF Ryan Kent is arguably the most feared super sub of all time. It was even worse if players saw him in a starting squad on full chemistry. This card was released as a Player Pick SBC alongside Celtic’s James Forrest highlighting The Old Firm derby in Scotland. This was one of those SBCs that if you missed it, you regretted it for the rest of the year. Especially considering the SBC was only around 33,000 coins to complete.

Kent felt like an unstoppable player. Bringing him on against tired defenses caused problems in FUT Champions each weekend. Not to mention, he had a five-star weak foot. Losing a game by a goal in the 70th minute? Bring on Kent. That’s how popular this card was after it was released. His Summer Heat card that arrived later on celebrated just how popular Kent was all year.

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