Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Primal Knife

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Chapter 9: The ninth Castellan can be found by entering the Courtyard Maze. As soon as you enter the maze, take the path immediately to the left as you are approaching the large set of stairs. Then after that, make the next left possible and take that all the way down until you can make a right. Once you make that final right turn, continue hugging the right side of the wall until it leads you to a dead end. The Castellan will be behind a few wooden planks.

Chapter 10: When you have headed into the Depths, take the path all the way until you can see the purple flaming torch. Directly across from the flaming torch is a gated window. The Castellan is hiding behind this window.

Chapter 11: As you make your way to the Stopover area and head up the stairs to the upper level, you should see a building that has three doors to enter. It doesn’t matter what door you enter through. The Castellan is located on the inside of this building above the middle doorway.

Chapter 12: Take the golden trolly device to the Clocktower. When you get off the trolly, make a left and head to the left of the Salazar statue. The Castellan will be on the top of some wooden crates off in the corner.