The Golden Girls getting a Persona-like RPG

That is correct. You did read the headline appropriately. There is a game releasing this year about the Golden Girls in a Persona-esque setup featuring all four of the beauties we know from the classic TV show. It’s an insane idea, but it looks amazing and I love it.

Developers Chris Lindgren and Joey Pagano have created a game called “The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX”. We will be able to control all four ladies and traverse the city performing various tasks. After all, Sophia playing Dance Dance Revolution is the mini-game we didn’t know we needed. Pagano himself commented by saying the entire thing started as a joke but went downhill fast

What started as a joke has quickly spiraled into a playground of ideas meant to explore just how much we can push our skills and retain our sanity with our own brand of humor. Simply put, this is Persona 5’s gameplay replaced with the context of The Golden Girls

The game will be releasing on PC and Mac this holiday, and the best part is that it is completely free. It’s been over 30 years since Leslie Neilsen took Dorothy away in marriage and the Golden Girls final episode aired in 1992. It’s one of my favorite shows ever and the comedic genius between the four of them was impeccable – something that has not really been achieved since.

Now, while this is a Golden Girls game under a Persona umbrella, there is no doubting the potential this game has. After all, there is nothing to lose with this and only positive things to come from it. I mean, there’s even battle sequences lol

The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX will release this holiday and could have a decent streaming following with the combination of fans and those just interested to see the blend of genres. What are your thoughts? Let us know below.