Forspoken official clothing and merchandise collection revealed

Sony and Luminous Productions have revealed today a brand new collection of clothing and merchandise for Forspoken, the upcoming action-RPG releasing later this month. PlayStation Brand Marketing Manager Gerado Riba commented on the line by stating:

“The PlayStation Gear Store is excited to be a part of the official launch of the ”Forspoken Collection” – we have been working hard in partnership with Luminous Productions to get these pieces perfect for the community and we hope you all love them as much as we loved creating them.”

Forspoken is about a character traveling from modern day into a distant, fantasy land where she is tasked with aiding the rescue of its inhabitants. This correlation is what inspired the line of merchandise consisting of various t-shirts and coins. There are t-shirts, pullover sweatshirts and even denim jackets bearing the official Forspoken logo. All clothing merchandise is available for pre-order and will begin shipping on February 10, 2023. The collector coins are also up for pre-order, but won’t ship until February 24, 2023. In addition, there are also pin badges available in order to snaz up the clothing. If none of those are up your alley, you can also pick up some wrist bands or water bottles.

Forspoken is the first PS5 console exclusive developed utilizing Unreal Engine 5. A demo was out last year and is still available now for those wishing to get a small glimpse of what it may offer. The demo is free of charge. Forspoken is available to pre-order now on PS5 and is also going to release on PC via Steam on January 24. We covered the demo back when it first launched, and conveyed how it led us to be excited for the game’s full release. Are you going to pick up Forspoken? Let us know what your pre-launch thoughts are in the comments.