Could Nintendo themselves be behind the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks?

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The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games have been the topic of much discussion lately. A big part of that is because Nintendo and Game Freak have given us nothing to really go on beyond its initial release trailer and a few details.

Since then, most of the information we’ve gotten from the game comes from several “leaks.”

Here’s where I take issue though. I think a lot of these leaks are Nintendo-approved. Let’s dig into a couple of reasons why.

Nintendo’s legal team

There are few companies on this planet that have bloodhounds quite like Nintendo. If you attempt to make a not-for-profit Pokemon game as a practice in game design, they’ll find you. If you attempt to take the music you enjoy from a Nintendo game off the game because you want to listen to it and Nintendo doesn’t offer a way to listen to them otherwise, they’ll find you. Hell, if you depict a mushroom the wrong way…they will absolutely hunt you down. They’re so good at what they do they even found the majority of people that made the CGI…adult films, and threatened them with severe legal action.

So the fact that there are people claiming to have access to the game and yet, have never been caught by Nintendo amazes me. Hell, I remember working for an office and posting a picture online of something I shouldn’t have and they tracked me down by merely finding what angle the picture was taken from when the picture was uploaded, and reviewing security footage from that time. A stupid move on my part, admittedly. Hell, Gamestop, one of the most poorly run companies on Earth, constantly found people who leaked their emails by using simple digital tricks.

So how is it that these people can actually work at Nintendo and release confidential info and not get caught? Seems odd.

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