Pokemon UNITE: Delphox and Season 8 battle pass now available

Pokemon UNITE’s Season 8 battle pass, entitled Peak Condition, is now available along with the Delphox Pokemon. Through July 20, players can reach new heights with the Peak Condition battle pass, which rewards them with stylish Trainer fashion items and new Holowear, such as Champion Style: Dragonite, Martial Arts Style: Lucario, and Armor Style: Sylveon.

Pokemon UNITE: Season 8 Battle Pass

Pokémon UNITE’s Peak Condition battle pass features 60 levels. Each level is embedded with amazing missions with rewards available. Players are asked to complete daily, weekly, and seasonal battle pass missions in order to obtain battle pass points, which will increase battle pass levels and unlock exciting rewards.

Existing Premium Pass users can use Aeos gems to claim premium passes. Premium Pass automatically increases the battle pass  by 10 levels when obtained. In addition, players will be granted amazing rewards when their battle pass level increases.

Pokemon UNITE introduces Delphox Pokemon

The excitement of the battle pass is enhanced with the release of Delphox, a Ranged Attacker who oozes spin, blast and fire abilities. As per the developers, the attack of Delphox increases with every third attack, which deals heavy damage to opposing Pokemon.

Delphox Pokemon uses some unique moves, of which scorching Unite Move, Fanciful Fireworks is a versatile one. Fanciful Fireworks moves have a huge impact on opponents Pokemon, dealing with plenty of damage within the area of range. The impact on opposing Pokemon is that the movement speed is decreased with lower rate of HP regeneration for a short time.

As per the Pokemon UNITE,

Delphox starts out each match as Fennekin, evolving into Braixen at Lv. 4, and evolving again into Delphox at Lv. 6. Delphox’s Ability, Blaze, allows Delphox to deal additional damage while at a low HP by flinging a fireball at opposing Pokémon when it uses a move. This Ability goes on a short cooldown after it’s triggered.

Pokemon UNITE developers have introduced Season 8 Battle Pass along with the amazing Pokemon: Delphox. Pokemon UNITE is a free to play strategic team battle game available on Nintendo Switch.