Ultimate Spellbook return rumored for League of Legends with 18 new Ultimates

Riot Games is rumored to be re-releasing the Ultimate Spellbook item in League of Legends after it went through a testing period on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) test servers. Rumors of the possible return of the immensely popular but temporary game mode ‘One for All’ on the Public Beta Environment have been circulating since fan page Surrender@20 posted datamined game files which refer to 18 new ultimate abilities.

URF, ARURF and Ultimate Spellbook are some of the most popular alternate modes in League of Legends, and fans were quite excited to know which one was next in line to rotate onto the live servers.

Ultimate Spellbook is the mode that uses Golden and Mythril Keys, but in-game items can be earned as well. It can’t be played on the official PBE test server for patches 12.13/12.14 due to a bug, but it’s expected to make its way onto the live servers in either patch 12.13 or 12.14.

League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook: Excellent Combos

The datamine mentions that the Ultimate Spellbook mode, which if it does make its way to the League of Legends PBE and then to the live servers, will be arriving with 18 new ultimates for fans to play around with. It will also come with brand new skins for Mordekaiser and LeBlanc.

Ultimate Spellbook has a unique gameplay style that differentiates itself from other modes available. Players can choose from a variety of champions and then mix and match their abilities with another character.

This opens up a variety of gameplay opportunities that will allow players to come up with some incredible combos by making certain ultimates interact with a champion who does not come with the ability. These interactions are vital to combat playstyles and mechanics, which can lead to even more interesting and unique gameplay.