New League of Legends champion Nilah officially revealed

Riot Games has officially revealed the next champion coming to League of Legends: Nilah. Previously teased during the Champion Roadmap back in April, Nilah is a bot lane melee champion.

There have been numerous leaks regarding this new champion from dataminers and such, but now we finally get to see Nilah in action. She definitely appears unique, especially with what looks like her water-based gameplay mechanics.

New League of Legends Champion: Meet Nilah, the Joy Unbound

League of Legends developers have officially released the first teaser for the new Champion, Nilah, who looks quite versatile. The cinematic trailer does feature some gameplay of Nilah, showing off some of her moves and water-based abilities, but we don’t have official kit details yet. Although the water-based abilities were already known to players (due to leaks), the official announcements are still very exciting.

Nilah: The Brand New Champion

As Nilah is a melee bot lane champion, she needs to get closer to the target in order to deal the damage. She wields a colorful neon whip that flows like splashing water. Nilah is also aided by a demon she calls “Lord of the Waters.”

It looks like Nilah’s whip is able to target a nearby enemy and pull her towards them, allowing her to close the gap quickly. This is quite useful as bot lane champions are normally ranged. She may even have some sort of teleport.

In another sequence, we see a Nilah cast a bubble-like shield that protects her from Twisted Fate’s Gold Card. It seems that she’s able to completely ignore the card’s stun effect. The bubble also looks like it can be cast on nearby allies, protecting them as well.

In one final moment, we see Nilah jump into the middle of three enemies and swing her whip wildly, forming a vortex of sorts. It does damage to all the nearby enemies.

Nilah doesn’t yet have a release date but we can expect to learn more about this intriguing new champion in the coming days and weeks ahead.