Elden Ring: Where to find all Legendary Sorceries and Incantations

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4. Founding Rain of Stars (Sorcery)

Now that you found all three Incantations, you can work towards finding the four Legendary Sorceries. First up is the Founding Rain of Stars. You are going to have to make enough progress throughout Elden Ring in order to have the area to the Mountaintops of the Giants region unlocked.

There is a tower located in the Mountaintops called Heretical Rise. In order to make way to the tower, you will need to cross an invisible bridge. There is a very faint mist that shows you the safe path to cross the bridge.

Once you safely cross the tower and reach the Heretical Rise tower, go straight to the top and the Founding Rain of Stars spell will be found inside a chest. Casting the Founding Rain of Stars spell summons a dark cloud overhead. After a short bit of time, the cloud will release a violent downpour of star rain, damaging all enemies in the rain storm.

5. Ranni’s Dark Moon (Sorcery)

If you have messed around with the Age of Stars secret ending, then you are familiar with Ranni’s main Quest. As you progress through Ranni’s Questline, you will eventually have access to the Moonlight Altar Plateau. After you have the Moonlight Altar Plateau unlocked, you can head southwest to reach the tower Chelona’s Rise.

A problem you may notice when you reach the tower is that there is barrier that is blocking your path. In order to bypass this barrier, you are going to need to find three ghost turtles in the Moonlight Altar Plateau.

The first turtle can be found if you look up in the air near a Spirit Tornado. You won’t be able to reach this turtle without a little bit of help. Hop on Torrent and use his super jumping abilities to reach this little guy. The second turtle can be found by traveling southwest of the plateau. The third turtle can be found by heading west of the tower. You should see a cliff that when you peak over the edge of the cliff, you should see the final turtle located here.

It should be noted that there have been many reports that this little part of acquiring Ranni’s Dark Moon may be a little bugged. Sometimes the barrier disappears after only getting two turtles while it usually requires you to get all three totals. If the barrier opens up after two turtles, congrats you don’t need the third one. If it doesn’t open after only two, then just try and acquire all three.

After the barrier is removed, you are able to go into the tower and go straight to the top where Ranni’s Dark Moon will be waiting for you in a chest. Casting the Ranni’s Dark Moon spell will launch a physical dark moon towards your enemies. If the dark moon makes contact with an enemy it will dispel all sorcery and temporarily reduces magic damage negation for those it strikes.