What would Pokemon Legends Red and Blue look like?

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Pokemon Legends Arceus was exceptional. Despite some graphical shortcomings, it achieved the majority of what I always wanted in a Pokemon game — a focus on research and lore over battling and stat management. It also opened the way for an entirely new line of Pokemon games that, much like Legends Arceus did for Diamond and Pearl, go back in time and explore how many of the game elements came to be.

So that being said, what would Pokemon Legends games be like for OTHER Pokemon games. Well, today I’m going to do a deep dive into Pokemon Red and Blue and go into what this would be like.

Now, for the sake of these articles, I like to imagine the Legends line is a series of games where after you helped Arceus in Pokemon Legends Arceus, it’s like, “hey, I know some dudes that might need your help” and every Legends game has your character taken from the previous game and thrown into the next one. And when I reference the character I’ll just call them “Hero” because your character serves as the legendary hero once more.


Also, much like Pokemon Legends Arceus was called that and not Pokemon Legends Diamond and Pearl we’ll call this one “Pokemon Legends Mew”.

The Beginning

So the way this game would start is that Arceus would throw you into the Kanto region but far before the events of Pokemon Red and Blue. Your character wakes up on the beach south of a small fishing village that would one day be known as Pallete Town.

You’re woken up by a character named Tajiri who was exploring the area collecting bugs. This would be a reference to Satoshi Tajiri who had the idea for Pokemon based off his love of bug collecting. I know they had a Tajiri in other games made like this but this would be a great starting off point to have an adult named Tajiri help you out.

In addition to just the bugs, he’s trying to learn about ALL the Pokemon in the area and, much like Laventon in Arceus, asks for your help. Instead of having a stationary lab, I see this guy having something like palanquin carried by two Machamps. I think the palanquin would be a great way to let you know out the gate that since Kanto was based on Japan, this would be feudal Japan.

He sees that your clothing (the Galaxy Team research uniform) was heavily damaged and offers you a change of clothes from his ride. When you approach it to change you can pick between a red uniform or a blue one. This could subtly affect which Pokemon show up early but all will appear as the game goes on, or it could just be an aesthetic nod.

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