5 Marvel characters that deserve their own game

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Ms. Marvel

Marvel has a bit of a problem with its younger characters in that it can’t seem to keep a good thing going. Case in point, younger characters like Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and Ms. Marvel. They’ll get very successful books aimed towards younger readers and then, when they become successful and adults start also getting interested in it, Marvel sees it and decides that it’s time for those kids to become adults and/or proving themselves to adults.

Marvel changed their formula with Miles Morales though, which manages to really do a fantastic job of juggling the life of a young man with the life of a secret superhero. But I think they need to go further into the realm of young-adult storytelling with Kamala Khan.

I’d love to see a game that maintains the appearance and play style of a modern Spider-Man game but with a more humorous and more all age-appropriate storyline.

Ms. Marvel could patrol the city of Jersey by either using her arms to “web sling”, run around on ridiculously long lanky legs, or glide around in the air like a flying squirrel. I think having a multitude of traversal options like she does would make getting around the city really fun if they were all equally useful but not forced.

She could face off against threats to Jersey from her book. Characters like The Inventor who was an attempt to clone Thomas Edison but an accident caused the DNA of a cockatiel to be mixed in giving him feather skin and the head of a bird. He’s also a bigot but that’s not the bird’s fault. Stormranger, the Venom to Kamala Khan’s Spider-Man. Stormranger was a nanite-suit that gained sentience and became the type of vigilante that Ms. Marvel strives not to be. And you could even add C.R.A.D.L.E. That was a branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. that existed for a while to monitor underaged superhuman activity and arrest them for it.

Give me a game where Ms. Marvel is trying to protect her city as well as her civilian identity and getting thrown into fun and silly messes with the occasional serious story in which she finds herself way over her head and you’d have an absolute hit.