Dying Light 2 release pushed back to February 2022

As I was working on an article about how Dying Light 2 isn’t a game you should sleep on this year, Techland came out and announced the highly anticipated sequel has been delayed. Originally due out this December, Dying Light 2 has been pushed back to February 4, 2022.

Although the game is technically “complete,” it seems it’s not quite up to the level Techland desires. Calling it their “biggest” and “most ambitious” project ever, they simply need more time to polish and optimize it so that it truly is up to their level of standard. It’s hard to argue against that sort of transparency and hopefully they iron out all the kinks because I am truly looking forward to this game.

Although we have to wait until next year to traverse The City, we won’t have to wait too much longer to hear some impressions. Techland promised that a deeper look at Dying Light 2 is coming soon as press and content creators will be going hands on with the PC and console versions of the game during some preview events around the world.

Additionally, new episodes of Dying 2 Know More are being released regularly with the latest looking at the game’s weapons. In the latest episode, producer Szymon Strauss addresses the philosophy behind Dying Light 2’s weapon design.

In the first Dying Light, you could find simple weapons blades and tools, like wrenches, around the environment. But now 20 years later, they’ve worn out. While you can still find high tier weapons, they are still very expensive or very difficult to find. So the primary focus in Dying Light 2 will be building your weapons from scrabs and other materials you find.

We’ve now got confirmation that weapon durability will be returning in Dying Light 2 and it sounds like it will be pretty common. Something like a traditional ax may be more durable but a weapon you’ve crafted on the fly is likely to break after just a few battles.

Check out the full video below to learn more about weapon design, durability and other various survival tools you’ll find around Villedor, the last human city.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will now launch on February 4, 2022