NBA 2K22: Revamped shot meter focuses on smart, quality shots

NBA 2K22 is once again introducing a new shot meter. Always the subject of great debate, the shot meter was an absolute mess in last year’s game. But with NBA 2K22, the developers believe this is “the best that shooting has ever felt” in the franchise.

That’s a bold statement to make. So what exactly is new this year?

In NBA 2K22, the shot meter now features a dynamically resizing make window that expands when you take “high quality shots with good shooters.” On the flip side, it will shrink when your shot is heavily contested or when you’re shooting with a low-rated shooter, or if you’re fatigued.

2K’s big focus this year is on “Shot IQ” which revolves around “open looks” and taking “smart shots.”  Shot timing will still play a key role in the shooting skill gap, although it will only help you so much if you’re taking a bad shot.

Open looks is pretty easy to gauge, but smart shots leaves room for some debate — especially when factoring in the type of player. What you may think is a smart shot, the game may disagree. Although I’m sure they’ve had experts weigh in on the system to help flesh it out.

2K says the new shooting mechanics have been focus-group tested with players of all skills and the general sentiment is that this is the best it’s ever felt. It seems like shooting is always a major point of criticism for the NBA 2K series, but it was especially frustrating last year with the Pro Stick Aiming.

It seems like shooting in NBA 2K22 will be less about perfectly timing your release and more about having the smarts for when to shoot the ball. Without having gone hands on with this new mechanic, it’s hard to say which I prefer, but I definitely like what I’m hearing with NBA 2K22’s new shot meter.