Skate 4 officially confirmed for PC

Skate 4, or the new Skate, or whatever it will officially be called will launch on PC. The official Skate Twitter account posted a brief video along with the caption “PC_confirmation.exe.” It’s a nerdy way to announce that Skate will be available on PC.

The video itself didn’t offer any gameplay footage and no further details were provided, but the announcement itself is likely to appease PC gamers. The first three games in EA’s Skate franchise were only available on console (PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Perhaps EA, when looking at the success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remaster, realized that Skate could fare well on PC.

The new Skate game, which many are referring to as Skate 4 even though we really don’t know if it’ll be a sequel or remaster (does it matter?), is being developed by Full Circle. The game has no release date and it doesn’t seem that Full Circle is in any rush to announce one either.

Skate didn’t make an appearance during EA Play Live this past summer, but EA and Full Circle did release a video that provided some clues as to what could be featured. Among the features we seemed to take note of were online sessions and multiplayer, a potential open world setting, in-depth character customization and a possible custom level designer, and a very intriguing clue that simply teased “Wait, the game is…?”

We don’t know what this cliffhanger was alluding to, but maybe it was the fact that Skate is coming to PC. To me that doesn’t seem like the type of announcement for such a teaser, so perhaps something even bigger and more exciting awaits.

It’s been over 10 years since the last Skate game was released and to say fans are excited is an understatement. Will you be playing Skate on PC?