What’s coming in the new Pokemon Cafe Remix?

Nintendo dropped a massive Pokemon Direct this week. One of the things they covered were the new changes coming to the popular free-to-play puzzle game Pokemon Cafe Mix, which will soon be renamed Pokemon Cafe Remix. The coverage starts at 2:00 if the video doesn’t automatically take you there.

In the presentation, they talk about a “huge revamp,” which I’m a bit excited about. I was really looking forward to this game but lost interest in it pretty quickly as became pretty stale fairly fast.

The first thing they mention is the name chance, and it’ll receive a shiny new logo as well. Good for it.

Other changes though are a bit more substantial.

Pokemon Cafe ReMIX


There will now be a lot more new ways to beat a stage. Bringing in new types of power-ups and new special abilities which, hopefully, will cut back on how many times it feels like you were one move away from completing one of the later stages when the game starts getting kinda mean.

The other thing they talked about is that they’re bringing in new hirable Pokemon. They didn’t give an exact list but they showed pictures of a TON of Pokemon wearing the uniform. So if there’s one you’re hoping for, your best bet is to go to the video and play “Where’s Waldo” with the available footage because it is a LOT.

Beyond just being cute as hell in the game’s signature art style, these new Pokemon also come with their own special moves, giving you even more new ways to complete stages if you find a special that works well with your play style.

In addition, and more important than completing puzzles, there will also be a massive slew of new outfits. Listen, we know why you’re really here. The game is cute as hell and the sooner we all accept that that’s our main reason for playing the better off we’ll all feel. But as shown in the trailer, all Pokemon are going to be receiving one or more outfits that will allow you to further customize your Pokemon employees. Get them cute as hell before having them work for tips for ya. No word yet though if these outfits will come with special abilities but I honestly don’t care, they look cool.

All these changes are set to hit, when Pokemon Cafe Remix arrives this Fall. Brace yourselves.