Skates 4: Five details we learned from the teaser trailer

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Earlier this week, EA confirmed that the new Skate game, which is commonly being referred to as Skate 4 since we don’t really know what else to call it, will not be present at EA Play Live this week. Simply put, it’s still too early and the team working on the long-awaited new installment in the popular skateboard series wants the reveal to be perfect. But they did promise to share “a little something” with fans who have been waiting patiently for the year since Skate‘s revival was announced.

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer was the equivalent of blue balls. We were left hanging and wanting more.

Accompanying a tweet that simply said “we’re working on it” was a brief video documenting some of the behind-the-scenes work going into the game. We see some motion capture work before finally getting confirmation that some people have actually seen gameplay footage.

From there, it becomes a montage of Skate fans praising everything they are seeing. The only problem is we don’t see any of it. All we get to see is the motion capture footage.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much. But if you listen closely to some of the fan feedback, you can hear nuggets of clues. Here are five details you may have missed from the Skate 4 reveal trailer.

Online Sessions & Multiplayer

There are a couple of lines that hint at Skate 4 having online play.

“Playing in online sessions like that…” we hear one streamer say. Given the likely open world nature of the game, it’s possible that you could launch an online session where other skateboarding strangers can join in — kind of like a massive lobby where everyone can skate together.

One streamer also says, “Playing with all the homies will be so sick.” Not only does this also allude to online multiplayer, but perhaps some sort of closed online session available only to friends.

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