Streets of Rage 4: When is Mr. X Nightmare DLC coming to Nintendo Switch?

Streets of Rage 4 is excellent. Let’s get that right out the way. It’s so damn good. It’s not groundbreaking. It doesn’t do anything that breaks the mold. It just knows exactly what people wanted and it did it and it did it well.

They even added extra fun stuff like a slew of unlockable characters and several really cool hidden boss fights that teleport you into past games to fight the bizarre bosses that took place within. It’s amazing and had everything.

Well, everything except DLC.

A year after the game came out, however, co-developer Dotemu announced that they would be releasing a wave of new DLC, slowly releasing information that revealed that there would be two things. One, a free set of DLC with new palette selections for the characters. I love a lot of them because I can make Axel fight through the streets like some sort of homeless Santa Claus.

There was also a paid DLC announced called “Mr. X Nightmare”. This mode looked like the inclusion of everything I wanted and everything I didn’t know I wanted.

Three new characters were announced. Well, three characters: Estel Aguirre, Max Thunder, and Shiva. They were already in the game as bosses but Estel was awesome, Max was a character from a previous game, and Streets of Rage fans will be damned if you can’t unlock Shiva (though, where is Roo?) in a game with Shiva in it.

They also included several new modes including one that allows you to unlock new moves, one that has weekly challenges that are insane, like going into the pixelated worlds of the older games and facing off against some of the enemies from those, and a bunch of other things. All for $7.99 USD which, is honestly super small in the scheme of things considering some games character that much for a costume.

So when it was released recently I was hyped. I saw screenshots and watched other people play online and I was waiting for my chance. Waited for the update to download and then went into the game and selected Mr. X Nightmare. It gave me this fancy screen with a link to go download it.

Streets of Rage 4 DLC


But when I got into the eShop, it took me to an empty store page where I received error code 2811-6002, which reads, “There are no products being distributed at this time.” It’s been days now and I’m still getting it. So what happened there?

Turns out, quite a bit. Doremu stated on Twitter that there was a technical issue and, as of more recently have pointed out that it’s going through Nintendo’s ridiculously crazy validation timeframe. Apparently, Nintendo will post straight-up porn on the eShop and a bunch of knockoff trash, but if you want DLC you gotta walk on eggshells.

Hopefully, this gets resolved soon but at least now you know that it’s not just you…for once.