NBA 2K22: No free next-gen upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X

While many are still struggling to find a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, basketball are faced with the difficult decision of when to purchase NBA 2K22 and, if they do, which version to buy. 2K recently announced the release date for this year’s game and revealed the various editions available for pre-order. In doing so, the publisher also confirmed the next-gen upgrade process.

Similar to NBA 2K21, 2K will not be offering any free upgrades from the PS4 and Xbox One to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Instead, you’ll have to either purchase the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle or the 75th Anniversary Edition.

As we’re starting to see with most next-gen games now, NBA 2K22 will cost $10 more on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ($69.99) than on last-gen consoles ($59.99). But if you purchase the game for PS4 or Xbox One, you won’t be able to upgrade by simply paying the difference in cost. Unless you purchase one of the editions that offers access to both generations, you’ll have to upgrade separately by paying the full price.

The worst part about this is the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle costs $79.99. Sure, I guess you’re saving some money than if you were to upgrade separately, but it’s also kind of taking advantage of the fact that PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are in short supply.

A lot of gamers I know want to upgrade, but can’t because of shortages. So now they are forced with making the tough decision to either buy NBA 2K22 for last-gen and stick with that version until next year; skip out on the game at launch and wait to purchase the next-gen version if they ever do get the chance to upgrade; or pay more upfront for the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle and get both copies. It’s not exactly a consumer-friendly policy.

NBA 2K22 launches on October 1, 2021. Will you be buying it at launch?