Pokemon Sword and Shield: Game Freak surprises players with sleeping animations

About a week ago an update came out for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It seemed like a fairly small update with some minor changes in it until people started hanging out in their Pokemon Camps and noticed something new.

See, while Pokemon has made a lot of advances in their animation, there was one part they kind of… slept on — sleeping animations. Normally, when your Pokemon would fall asleep, they’d do so by standing still and closing their eyes. Their idle animation would just slow down to half speed and they’d stand there.

But now, if your Pokemon falls asleep, you’ll see that they actually look like they’re sleeping, complete with wake-up animations like my Incineroar displays here.

It doesn’t really change how the game is played but it still makes me really excited that they’re still working to add more to the game despite the fact that Pokemon was not mentioned in any way shape or form during the recent Nintendo Direct — despite my insistence that two more DLCs are en route.

There could be a whole slew of new things coming out from this. One of my particular hopes is that they take a page from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and give you the ability to change your trainer’s animation in battle upon completing the game. I loved nonchalantly just holding a Pokeball and flicking it underarm into battle like a coin in the fountain. I want that back.

But in the meantime, I’m really excited to see the different animations and I have been sitting and waiting for my shiny Umbreon to finally take a nap though he seems perpetually awake but at least the little dork is excited to see my shiny Rapidash taking a nap. I love how he comes peeking into the scene here.