Five franchises that could use a Kart Racer

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The Persona games have had spin-offs already. From the three excellent dancing games, to the various fighting games from P4Arena to the characters appearing in Blazblue Crosstag Battle, the upcoming Persona 5 Strikers, the Persona characters work in anything. With the fact that, more often than not, the spin-off games involving them being forced to dance (sometimes literally) for a high power’s behalf, you could justify their appearance in anything. Even a cart racer.

Before you question it too much…honestly…they’ve been in weirder situations.

The story itself could be anything. The denizens of the various Velvet Rooms deciding to have their champions compete. Some sort of big bad that requires the various squads to unite. Heck, the promise of stylish clothes might be enough to lure them all.

Imagine the unique style of art the Persona games carry mixed with fast pace remixes of the game series iconic soundtracks. The bizarre stages of the previous games could become tracks. Imagine racing around a flying bank, a space station filled with burgers and robots, You could drive through the Midnight Channel and go in and out of various TV screens. Even driving through the iconic streets of Shibuya.

Power-ups could be the spells, that’s pretty straight forward. Just, Atlas, promise me if you do this you’ll include Mona as a car and the limo from P4Golden. Please, please, please.