PS5: Will GameStop have PlayStation 5’s available on launch day?

Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 have been sold out for a while but some retailers have guaranteed PS5 stock at launch. Is GameStop one of them?

The PlayStation 5 officially launches on November 12 but pre-orders for Sony’s next-gen console have been sold out for weeks. While Sony has already come out and said no PS5s will be sold in-store on launch day, numerous retailers have already confirmed the console will be available for purchase online during launch day. We don’t know how many consoles they’ll have, but at least its a chance.

So far Walmart and Target have both confirmed they’ll have PS5 consoles available online at launch. Walmart has even set aside specific time slots for when the stock will be updated. Target is a little more vague, but has at least confirmed availability. Best Buy has confirmed PlayStation 5’s will be available on Black Friday, but didn’t specifically mention November 12.

Yet to announce if PlayStation 5’s will be available online is GameStop. Anyone who pre-ordered their PS5 from GameStop should be able to pick it up at their local store, but what about buying it on launch day?

While GameStop hasn’t specifically mentioned anything as of this writing, I have a hard time believing the world’s largest video game retailer won’t have any PS5s available online on launch day. Even their weekly ad calls out the PlayStation 5 coming on November 12, so I suspect they’ll have some stock.

Your best bet right now is to check the website on launch day and hope you get lucky. The PlayStation 5 is easily the hottest gift this holiday season and it’s already clear Sony will have issues keeping up with the demand. If you don’t get a PS5 on launch day, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting until past the holidays to find one.