PS5: Mistakes Sony made with PlayStation 5 pre-orders

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The long-awaited PlayStation 5 preorder event was messy, to say the least. It’s not the first flubbed launch in gaming, and won’t be the last, but it was a let-down to some gamers.

The PS5 has amassed quite a bit of hype since Sony first announced it in 2019. When Sony revealed that PS5 preorders would be available on September 17, that hype reached an all-time high. When preorders did go live, however, it was less than spectacular.

Here are five of the PS5 pre-release’s biggest mistakes.

1. Not Having Enough Preorders Available

Rumors claimed that Sony cut PS5 production by 4 million units before preorders went live. While Sony denied this claim, its stunning lack of preorders makes it believable. If you tried to get your hands on a PS5, you know firsthand how little stock they had.

Stores sold out within a few hours, with some only having a dozen or so units. Given how much hype there was around the PS5, you’d think that Sony would’ve had more available. Instead, only a fraction of those who wanted a PS5 preorder got one.

Is this Sony trying to inflate demand by limiting supply? It could be, but that doesn’t make much sense considering how much demand there already is. In any case, there weren’t nearly enough PlayStations to go around.

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