Clash of Clans Fall 2020 update: Super Valkyrie brings the Rage

Coming with the Clash of Clans Fall update, The Super Valkyrie not only does more damage but also drops a Rage spell when she is destroyed.

As expected, the upcoming Fall/Autumn 2020 update for Clash of Clans will introduce a new Super Troop. Introducing the Super Valkyrie.

The Super Valkyrie has been long-rumored, even dating back to when Super Troops were first announced. But now she will officially arrive when the update drops sometime this month — and she looks awesome.

The Super Valkyrie wields a massive axe that doles out more damage when swung. But what really makes her special is what happens when she’s defeated; she drops a Rage spell that boosts the movement speed and damage of nearby friends. Check her out in action.

Here are her specific stats at level 7 and 8:

  • Super Cost: 60,000 Dark Elixir (at both levels)
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing Space: 20
  • Movement Speed: 28

Level 7

  • DPS: 250
  • HP: 2,000
  • Training Cost: 475 Dark Elixir
  • Training Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds

Level 8

  • DPS: 300
  • HP: 2,300
  • Training Cost: 550 Dark Elixir
  • Training Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds

Her stats are only just a little better than that of the normal Valkryie but the trade-off for her two-and-a-half times the housing space is the Rage spell, which can result in some crazy damage from other troops if played correctly. Galadon Gaming actually has a really in-depth video taking a look at the Valkyrie in all sorts of attack situations.

The jury is still out on just how effective the Super Valkyrie actually will be but with the removal of Super Troops cooldowns in the upcoming update, you’ll be free to experiment with her without having to wait for the seven days.

The Super Valkyrie is now the eighth Super Troop in Clash of Clans. She joins the Super Barbarian, Super Archer, Sneaky Goblin, Super Giant, Super Wall Breaker, Inferno Dragon and Super Witch.