Star Wars: Squadrons CG short shows off intense dogfight

EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons has a new CG trailer that features an awesome dogfight as you get a glimpse into the story of the game.

Electronic Arts released seven minute CG short / trailer for their upcoming piloting game Star Wars: Squadrons, giving a look at what we might be able to expect from the game’s single player story, which takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi.

The CG short, titled “Hunted,” features a battle over the planet of Var-Shaa, as a New Republic fleet is taking it to an Imperial Dockyard stationed just over the planet. The New Republic is winning handily when the Tie Leader gets orders from his commander to retreat. He’s just about to make it out when his Star Destroyer jumps out of there, leaving him to hide in his damaged Tie among debris. But when a talented New Republic pilot in an X-Wing spots his ship, a dogfight ensues, leading them to an atmospheric back and forth that gives us a glimpse at the tone and motivation of the Empire in this game.

It’s a really great sequence from a game that has a fair amount of hype building. For some background, Star Wars: Squadrons is a first-person multiplayer space/aerial combat game. It’s all about pilots in this one. But it also features a single player story. Star Wars: Squadrons is also fully playable in VR via PC and PS4 with crossplay support. So I could be playing on controller while my friend is playing in VR.

Squadrons will take you to new and old locations, including Yavin Prime, Esseles and the Zavian Abyss. Players will be able to modify their ship and divert power between systems as needed, giving them full control over beloved ships and fighters like X-Wing, A-Wing, Tie Fighter and Tie Intercepter (but the Tie Reaper looks the coolest).

In addition to the Story mode, players can participate in 5v5 Dogfights or Fleet Battles — multi-stage, objective based battles (either against another squad of five or AI) that feature bombing runs and enemy flagships.

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It’s not too far from the game’s release, so until then, enjoy the gameplay trailers and shorts that EA is putting out. Star Wars: Squadrons releases on October 2, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with VR compatibility on PC and PS4.

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