Animal Crossing: New Horizons will add Island Backup & Restoration Service

Animal Crossing: New Horizons new Island Backup & Restoration Services means you’ll never lose access to your island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wave 2 of the Summer update is arriving. And as I talked about it here, one of the new features is the Dream Suite. This awesome and highly requested feature allows you to visit the towns of others in a dream state where you can look around and do whatever you want without actually causing any damage or disrupting anything. You can even visit the town while the owner isn’t online.

How is this possible? Well, coincidentally, Nintendo is also rolling out the Island Backup & Restoration Service.c

Nintendo has been talking about this for a while and they’re a LITTLE late to the party but it’s good to see it finally happening. This is separate from their normal save data cloud but what it does is saves an updated copy of your town to your online account every time you save.

Should your Nintendo Switch get stolen or broken, or grow legs become sentient and attempt to start its own civilization, you can always get a new Switch, login, and get your town back.

So, the Dream Suite is a really good incentive to get people to keep their towns floating on Animal Crossing: New Horizons weird servers. It helps prevent cheating and it provides a nice little bonus for keeping your town up to date and online.

In addition to Island Backup & Restoration Service, the incoming wave of add-ons will also feature the aforementioned Dream Suite as well as nightly fireworks shows for your island. And you’ll even be able to create your own fireworks. You can read all about Wave 2 of the Summer update here.

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