NHL 21: Five current rookies who will make a sophomore leap in ratings

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Here are some of this year’s best rookies we look forward to in NHL 21.

With the release of NHL 21 coming and player ratings soon to be revealed, we take a look at some current rookies and how they could get a bump in their ratings for their sophomore season. Rookies, of course, are important to the success of any sport.

They represent the future of the league but adjusting to how the game works and rule changes from the minor leagues to the professional level isn’t always easy. They’ve got to adapt to the faster and more competitive style of play. Because of this adjustment period, it’s not always easy to determine what a rookie’s rating should be for their first season. Their second year in the league is usually a better indication.

The 2019-2020 NHL season saw a very nice amount of talented rookies who have had major roles in helping out their respective teams get two points each night in the NHL standings. If it weren’t for some of the rookies that came into the league this year, some teams might have been worse than they already were. Without any further ado, here are five rookies that I believe deserve to get a ratings bump in NHL 21.

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